Therapeutic Yoga / Private Sessions.

Great for individuals with specials needs or conditions like
back pain, hip/pelvic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and MS.

Great for the population that is new to yoga, and to
learn modifications that are student specific before joining a group.

Remember, yoga is not just for the young and fit.
At its heart it is healing.

Strengthen and support  yourself as you recover from illness.
Learn to practice yoga without adding pain.
People are referred to us from Physical Therapy and Pain Management practices.

 We work with people who have tried everything else.
Start your journey. Go at your own pace.

Phone 978.551.6699 to chat.

My name is Peggy.  I was introduced to ABT Yoga and Private Instruction over a year ago. 
Although I was apprehensive and fearful I went forward.  Practicing yoga was something I have
always wanted to do, but have never been comfortable doing anything for myself. Since I have 
been practicing I have become more relaxed and healthier in body and mind.  Everyone in my life
has noticed a change in me.  For me this has been and will continue to be a life altering
experience.  Each week I learn something new about myself.  With every challenge there comes 
opportunity. Thank you, ABT Yoga.

It is our intention to share yoga and meditation with anyone with a sincere desire to 
connect with themselves.  If finances are a concern, then talk to us.  As a guide:

Test the Waters - chat see the space, meet us.
Dip your Toes - $5 to $105 per session sliding scale.
Take the Plunge - 6 Sessions for $525, 8 Sessions for $680.
Transformational Journey - 6 months unlimited class membership, and 6 Yoga Therapy sessions $850
Swim the Ocean - 12 months unlimited class membership, and 12 Yoga Therapy sessions $1405.


ABT Yoga
22 South Main Street
Topsfield, MA 01983

Explore, Experience, Create Support for Yourself.