Yoga Therapy

“A Healing Testimonial”
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Benefits of Yoga Therapy
Deep Relaxation     Relief from Physical Tension     Healing from Trauma
Clearer Focus         Relief from Anxiety     Tools for Self Care  
Relief from Depression     Empowerment
What would it be like to contact the truth in each moment and share without judgment?

Transformation from the Inside Out.

Whether you're simply in a rut, feel stuck, or navigating life challenges.
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy supports 
you make changes by helping you create the life you want to be living.
Deep inside we know that we need to reconnect with ourselves.
Yoga therapy is a unique holistic approach designed to engage your
mind, body, emotions and intuition.

No yoga experience is necessary. 
You have the opportunity to become unstuck and
to release old undigested experiences.
Ken works with a varied population that includes relationship issues,
grief, trauma,, abuse and cancer survival.

It is our intention to share Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
 with anyone with a sincere desire to connect with themselves.
If finances are a concern, then talk to us.

Test the Waters - chat, see the space, meet us.
Dip your Toes - $5 to $105 per session, sliding scale.
Take the Plunge - 6 Sessions for $525, 8 Sessions for $680.
Transformational Journey - 6 months unlimited class membership, and 6 Yoga Therapy sessions $850
Swim the Ocean -  12 months unlimited class membership, and 12 Yoga Therapy sessions $1405

ABT Yoga
22 South Main Street
Topsfield, MA 01983

Explore, Experience, Create Support for Yourself.