Yoga is practiced all over the world as a means of physical health and fitness, of mental strength, and well being for your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Hatha Yoga includes:
Breathing Practices to help still the mind, slow down the body while increasing your energy levels; Postures and Body Movement to develop strength and stamina, to increase our flexibility and to improve our balance and coordination; Deep Relaxation to alleviate tension and stress while inducing calmness and inner peace, leaving one refreshed and with greater awareness which can offer insight into long standing physical and emotional conditions.

At ABT Yoga, the focus of our teaching recognizes that we are all different.  We teach so the needs of our students are taken into account, and though Yoga may be challenging to us in many ways, at ABT Yoga we foster an atmosphere of acceptance, support and friendly faces.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

Foundations of Yoga

Nourish Your Soul, Build Strength, Gain Flexibility, Breathe Easy.

           Class Offerings


  • Beginners welcome ... a mixed level class incorporating Yoga postures, movement with breath awareness and a deep relaxation...Everyone is welcome!
  • Detailed instruction and/or demonstration is given, as well as how to modify for your individual needs.

Early Morning

  • A mixed level Hatha Class, warming the body, and stimulating the mind.
  • A great start to the day....


  • Rejuvenate yourself, soothing, and relaxing.
  • Safe and slow, a foundation practice. 
  • Suitable for those with injuries, it may still be a challenge, but in a way that is effective and fun.


  • For the more experienced.  
  • A continuous practice is normally a prerequisite. 
    (Please phone if you have any questions.)
  • Intermediate means a number of things, including challenging and/or subtler practices.  May also include more difficult postures, dynamic movement or extended holding of postures, pranayama (breathing practices) and the use of sound or chanting.


  • Yin Yoga will help restore and maintainthe natural mobility in your joints.  The emphasis on stillness and silence promotes a deeper experience.  The poses are held passively for longer periods to support and enhance your well being.

Hatha YTT

  • Hatha YTT will have yoga teacher training students both participating and teaching, with Ken and Karen participating and teaching.  Beginners welcome.

    Hatha Flow

    • A flow of poses and movement with focus on safety and alignment, while building strength & stamina.
    • Some yoga experience is necessary.

    Semi - Private Classes 

    • Great for Beginners, or for those with health concerns.
    • 8 - 9am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    • Choose which day suits you.
    • Pre registration required. Phone 978.551.6699 to register.
    • 4 person class - 4 week program. $105 per person per program.
    • We work with and support people with all sorts of conditions. Back Pain. Hip Pain. Arthritis. Fibromyalgia. Cancer.
    • We work with people who are nervous about yoga, people who are shy, and people who are anxious or down in dumps.
    • We work people who have tried everywhere else. 
    • Remember yoga is not about standing on your head, and it's not just for the young and fit.
    • Yoga is for Everybody. If our times don't work and you have a group then contact us.


    • A class to learn and practice different techniques, that include meditation, guided visualization, mantra and body scans.  
    • Enjoy the energy of sharing within a circle, and the opportunity to develop a home practice.  
    • One should establish mindfulness in one's day to day life maintaining as much as possible a calm awareness of one's body, feelings and mind.


    • A series of yoga poses are held to relieve the effects of common stress. 
    • Stimulates and soothes the body as you relax and renew the mind and emotions. 
    • No Yoga experience is necessary.      

    Community Yoga Class for HAWC (Help for Abused Women and their Children - Now known as Healing Abuse Working for Change.) 

    • A mixed level class, suitable for all... 
    • A class for the purpose of raising awareness and adding to the community by donating all proceeds to HAWC. 
    • All proceeds go HAWC, over $22,000 raised since 2007 (refer to pricing for details)

    Private Yoga Instruction

    • For those that have special health concerns and injuries. Chronic pain, general muscle/joint pain and immobility (neck and back), asthma, arthritis, sports training, cancer recovery, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are some examples of health conditions we have worked with. 
    • Students who wish to become more confident before joining a group class are invited to experience the one-on-one attention that can lead to  you feeling and sleeping better with reductions in stress and tension. 
    • For those who want to develop and deepen a home practice or wish to add  to their studio time, some private sessions are encouraged.

    On-Site Corporate Instruction

    • Generally a class designed to be gentle and relaxing, and is provided at corporate worksites.  
    • Purpose is to reduce stress for employees, as well as improve focus and overall health.  
    • Size of class dependent on room size offered.




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