“Whether you are healing a broken heart, or a physical ailment, becoming more present to
yourself by listening to the truth of what is happening accelerates change.
What you tell yourself is going on, is often very different to what is really going on.
The body does not lie.” Ken Lidden

            Make a commitment to personal growth and transformation.
Set your own goals.  Learn to hold yourself accountable.

Building a mentoring relationship provides the structure and support
that you need.  With our approach you will acknowledge your own deep wisdom,
so that you can tap into this with guidance and support.
Find your unique gifts; make the most of the gift of your life.

Phone: 978.551.6699

It is our intention to share what we do with anyone with a sincere desire to connect
with themselves.  If finances are a concern, then talk to us.  As a guide:

Test the Waters - chat see the space, meet us.
Dip your Toes - $5 to $105 per session sliding scale.
Packages available - Take the Plunge, Transformational Journey or Swim the Ocean

ABT Yoga
22 South Main Street
Topsfield, MA 01983

Explore, Experience, Create Support for Yourself.