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Namaste Ken, 

With such a gentle and loving hand you have created a haven.  A safe, empowering, calming, down to earth home for all who want to open themselves.  A place to stretch, explore, and laugh.  A place and a community that both lovingly accepts you just as you are and challenges you to be the best of yourself.

By committing yourself to being present, by allowing people to come as they are and when they can, you have made it possible for me to find my way back to yoga. Through coming to ABT I feel more grateful and graceful.  I’ve grown stronger, lighter, more flexible and balanced.  I breathe better, I stand straighter, and I feel taller.  I take this time for myself to be myself. The light within me sees, honors, and bows to the light within you:  Namaste.  At the end of each class I send this message silently to you.  E.W.




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