WELCOME TO ABT YOGA - Yoga for Everybody

(Especially for those that are young at heart.)

You are nurtured with client centered teaching.
No gimmicks, old fashioned yoga, no shortcuts.  
  Your ability to receive the benefits of yoga are strengthened with practice.

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Explore, Experience, Create Support for Yourself.

Yoga Classes
ABT Yoga specializes in classes that are safe, slow and user friendly.  You are taught to engage your body in a  way that nourishes you while building strength, balance and flexibility, all finishing with a deep relaxation (some say the best part).  We love beginners, we were all beginners once!  We love more experienced people, we seek to challenge you.

Private & Therapeutic Yoga Instruction
Affordable private instruction is offered to those with special health concerns, is perfect for those new to yoga, or for students who wish to develop and deepen their practice.

Semi-Private Classes
Great for beginners, or those with health concerns.  We work with and support people with all sorts of conditions.  Remember, yoga is not about standing on your head, and it's not just for the young and fit.

Make a commitment to personal growth and transformation.  Building a mentoring relationship can provide the structure and support that you need to bring more peace, clarity and contentment into your world.

Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising is a process that heals and supports.  Slow down and listen to your own inner voice.  With awareness and acceptance you empower yourself to change instead of staying stuck in old patterns and habits.

At the same location, A Body Transformed offers individual bodywork sessions in the form of Massage, Polarity and Thai Yoga Massage.

Our Mission Statement is:

To educate and assist our students and clients in joyfully reclaiming their bodies' natural ability to heal and move towards a greater sense of wholeness in body, mind and spirit.
ABT Yoga's intention is to bring Yoga and Phoenix Rising to anyone with a sincere desire to change, transform and create support for themselves. 
If finances are a concern, please inquire about payment arrangements or special rates. 
We are proud of our experience, our professionalism, and our passionate commitment to bringing total benefit to your body, your mind, and your spirit.

NOURISH YOUR SOUL ..... Feel Better, Sleep Better
BUILD STRENGTH .....Tone Those Muscles
GAIN FLEXIBILITY ..... Touch Your Toes, Ease Those Aches and Pains
BREATHE EASY ..... Reduce Stress, Relieve Tension
All at  ABT Yoga in Topsfield on Boston's Northshore.

ABT Yoga's Yoga Classes, Therapeutic Yoga, 
Private Yoga Instruction and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 


serve many communities on the North Shore of Boston including,
Beverly, Boxford, Peabody, Lynn, Salem, Lynnfield, Ipswich, Middleton, Danvers, Topsfield, Reading, Rowley, Georgetown and North Andover.
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